Pool Blankets

Pool Blankets

The MacBall Heat Saver Insulated Pool Blanket and Storage Reel System offers the commercial swimming pool operator a practical, cost effective method to greatly reduce heat loss. Heating, water replacement and maintenance costs are substantially reduced through effective insulation and evaporation control.

Evaporation, convection and radiation are responsible for 90% of the heat loss from swimming pools. The proven MacBall Heat Saver Blanket can reduce evaporation to near zero and because it insulates, it also substantially reduces convection and radiation losses. Stopping evaporation reduces heating costs and saves on make-up water requirements and costly chemicals.

The MacBall Heat Saver Blanket is fabricated from a tough, tear-resistant laminate that is non-permeable, non-toxic and chemically resistant. It is approximately 4mm thick and has a top and bottom layer of UV resistant woven polyethylene with a crosslinked polyethylene foam sandwiched between for increased strength and durability. The unique construction with interlocking end and edge treatment, load distributing plates and double-needle lock stitch fabrication far exceeds industry norms. All MacBall blankets come edged with reinforced eyelets and optional, lead-weighted, wind resistant edging to maximise its longevity.

The MacBall Heat Saver Blanket can be easily attached to a portable storage reel, which can be positioned on the deck or conveniently hidden from view within the deck or under a handy bench seat. MacBall storage reels can be operated manually or automatically with the Poolie’s Pal winch and are engineered for strength and durability. They consist of a powder coated, stainless steel framework, non-corrosive self-aligning bushes and stainless steel heavy duty castors with large easy-run polyurethane wheels.

Blanket reel system options include:

  • Fixed Pedestal Reel Frames
  • Mobile Reel Frames for single or double reels
  • Under Bench Reel frames using environmentally friendly recycled bench materials
  • Wall Mounted Reel Frames where space around the pool is limited

The MacBall System provides an excellent return on investment. Most systems pay for themselves within the first 18 months of use and continue to make financial savings with environmental benefits long after the initial investment is recouped. The blankets have an expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years, but those that are cared for last well beyond that