Dolphin Wave 300 XL
300 trans

The ideal robotic cleaner for the largest commercial pools and Olympic centres

Long-lasting reliability with daily operation, Dolphin WAVE 300 XL excels at heavy-duty dirt collection and delivers the best end-to-end cleaning performance
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Line-by-line cleaning process

State-of-the-art – programmable tracking systematically cleans the pool floor one path at a time. Ideal for limited cleaning time.
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Multi-purpose caddy with auto cable release

Transports the robot and automatically releases just enough cable to reach the far end of the pool, preventing kinks and tangles, simply crank the reel to neatly rewind the cable.

Dolphin Wave 300 XL

Gain top-of-the-line, professional pool cleaning performance that meets the challenging requirements of the biggest and busiest pools. The Dolphin WAVE 300XL is the ideal robotic cleaner for large commercial pools and for Olympic centres, water parks and other sites with pools 50-60m in length.

Wave 300 XL features and advantages:

  • Up to four different scanning modes provides optimised cleaning of multiple pools with a single robot
  • Advanced navigation system with Gyro XL and compass system with scanning modes – for ultimate commercial pool coverage
  • Automatic drive in & drive out operation for simple, no fuss operation
  • Cleans and scrubs the floor only
  • Dual active brushing with 4 side brushes and optimised water suction leaves water crystal clear
  • MMI (Man-machine Interface) interactive digital interface containing convenient features such as filter full indicator, delay start and cleaning modes
  • Remote control provides extra manual control
  • Suits pools up to 60m in length
  • Crystal clear filtration include fine, ultra-fine and wide mesh filter options for all types of dirt and debris
  • 50m power cable with software swivel
  • Caddy-mounted cable roller, featuring a swivel mechanism making it easy to roll out while the robot is working
  • Warranty – 2 years or 3,000 hours (whichever comes first)
Dolphin Wave 300 XL